Marerick Leggings

Marerick Leggings
Marerick Leggings

“Be a Maverick in everything you do and everywhere you go.”
Are you a free spirit? Or do you simply long to become one? Take control of your own destiny and make your dreams a reality with this stunning design.

Our Maverick outfit is tailor-made for nonconformists and individualists who want to take chances and make their own luck. You are the kind of woman whose natural aura is so striking and absorbing that you don’t need fancy clothes to turn heads. All you need is YOU.

With that in mind, our Maverick design combines simplicity, subtlety and sophistication with the timeless attraction of black, finished with a V-shaped waistline. This neutrality makes it perfect for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, creating an outfit that’s equally appropriate for wearers who wish to blend into the background or for those who want to allow their inner personality (not their outer apparel) to do the talking.
At once comfortable and compressive, this uniquely shimmering fabric is super soft to the touch, incredibly easy on the eye and even easier on the skin. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it, whether that’s in the gym, on the street, at the supermarket or even in a pair of killer heels.

Go on, express yourself – be a maverick!

£45.00 GBP

Hello You!

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