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Being a Sophistiqe Wonder Woman isn’t about superpowers or even supreme fitness. It’s about daring to dream to better yourself and following the vision to fulfil those ambitions. It’s about coming back stronger after being knocked down and overcoming all the obstacles that life throws in your way. It’s about staying focused and never giving up to become the best version of yourself, by believing in your own ability to improve and evolve. Meet the Sophistiqe Wonder Women who embody the values and virtues of our brand. Through hearing their inspirational stories, you too can draw the strength necessary to achieve maximum life satisfaction and become a Wonder Woman yourself.


Justyna Wylegala

Justyna Wylegala

My name is Justyna and I am the owner of Sophistiqe, the female fitness clothing line aimed at energising and inspiring women all over the world.

Though I am originally from Poland, I have been living in the UK for over 13 years now. I first moved here after finishing my university studies, from which I gained a master’s degree in Sociology and a bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing. For the last eight years I have been working for Procter & Gamble in the fragrance industry. After just three years in the role of Fragrance Consultant, I was promoted to Area Manager, a position I held for five years.

Despite my success in that industry, my real passion has always been fashion. I could spend hours watching fashion shows, reading articles about current trends and attending the latest fashion events. Fitness, on the other hand, has also always been an important part of my life. Whether it be swimming, dancing (mainly in nightclubs!), kickboxing, weight training, yoga or running, I have always been an active person who keeps herself in great shape. So when I struck upon the idea of combining fitness and fashion together, Sophistiqe was born – and my dreams finally became an obvious reality.

From that moment until now it has been one hell of a journey… I was naïve about many things and had much to learn about almost everything. However I have learned a lot about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses, as well as how stubborn, driven and determined I am. Throughout all that time I have been blessed with many lovely female friends on my site – you know who you are – who have always supported me and patiently waited for me to finally find a spare moment to see them. It’s from this unique relationship that the Sophistiqe motto was born: “Strong women lift each other up,” since we are capable of doing so much more if we support and help each other along the way.

So, what exactly is the Sophistiqe goal? First and foremost, our goal is to be a new and innovative clothing brand at the forefront of the female activewear industry. Our vision is to create fitness wear that will help women express their personality and mood, making them feel and look amazing and driving them towards their goals. The impeccable quality of our fabric and the individual, detail-oriented designs are meant to allow women to find the fitness fashionista in themselves.

Through the Sophistiqe Wonder Women team, we aim to create a community of inspirational athletes and innovators who will reach out to all women, inspiring them, motivating them and supporting them throughout their life journey. We’re not just a clothing line – we’re an attitude towards life.


Livia Francis

Livia Francis

My name is Livia and I have been in the health and fitness industry for 30 years.

I am a single mum of three, and a pro fitness bikini athlete and coach.

I am 48 years old and I live and breathe fitness. I am dedicated to working with women through all stages in life to get them in the shape of their life, as well as help them to become mentally and physically stronger.

I am a perfect example that age is just a number.

It’s all down to how we treat our body, mind and soul, and how badly we want to live life that will fulfil us.

As there are always obstacles in life, but its down to how we face them, and how consistent and patient we can be regarding following our life and fitness goals.

I run a personal training business, Fitfreedom, and an online body cleanse, helping women with weight loss on a global scale.

Two years ago I started The Menopause Nutrition System page on a facebook and is in the process of establishing a charitable fund for BHRT, a cause very close to my heart.

Having suffered terribly from an early menopause I strive to help other women who are going through the same problem.

So my current focus is on menopause exercises and nutrition as well as taking women through body transformation and get them stage ready to enter fitness competition!


Alison Fernandes

Alison Fernandes

Hi! It's Ali here, let me introduce myself!! I'm a bubbly, driven, passion filled 38 year old and a lone mum of 3 teenage boys, my world! I work full time as a Pharmacy technician with the NHS but I have a huge passion for fitness. 

I only found the fitness lifestyle quite late on, just 8 years ago when I hit my 30s.
It started from simply just wanting to 'tone up' and 'get fit' to be the fit mum that could keep up with my 3 energetic boys but then led to a complete change of lifestyle to see me as a competitive bikini fitness athlete on the UK and international bodybuilding stages.

To start with i was the shy un confident gym goer who knew nothing about training or nutrition. Over the first couple of years my confidence grew and i soon saw that there was so much more to became a way life, a lifestyle change for me. My 2nd life was born!

There were times where I was juggling being a working mum whilst studying at the same time to advance my career...I needed an outlet to release tension and stress. Fitness and training became that outlet, that precious bit of 'me' time which we are all guilty of not getting enough of. It got me through some tough years, both physically and mentally. It now helps set me up for each day filling me with positive energy.

I became aquinted with the lovely Justyna over a ago. Her stunning designs caught my eye, I couldn't help but message her. We soon got chatting and ended up meeting. Her values and positive outlook on life was so similar to mine we hit it off. 
What Sophistiqe stands for can be seen in me.. wanting to help lift others up, inspire others to change their lifestyle for the better, be there as motivation for those tough I couldn't be filled with more pride being a Sophistiqe Wonder Woman 🖤
My name is Sam Kay !
And I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of Sophistiqqe’s Wonder Women Team.
Justyna is so inspirational to work with and she makes me really believe in myself that anything is possible when you surround yourself with positive , uplifting , empowering people who gives you energy and push you to achieve your potential. 💪🏾💖
The gymwear is so sassy and bold , which allow you to show th bright side of your personality to the world 🌎 and be proud of the strong woman you have become. 
I am am super passionate about people and there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping people achieve their fitness and wellness goals. 
Its not just the physical changes , but also mental, emotional and spiritual. 
As a PT  I focus on mentor you to become the best version of yourself. 
Bringing the sparkle back with @sophistiqe ✨🌟✨

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